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There will come a time in a child’s life that they will encounter moments of growth and times of transition. These times are best navigated with the encouragement and understanding of someone they can trust and can provide support and guidance. More than anything, they need consistent, reinforced positive counsel and support. However, for a child without a solid support system, this need is magnified. They could be burdened with poverty, abuse, single-parent household, or other debilitating family circumstances. These could easily be some of the children that we embrace within the programs we have established. Without the benefit of a mentor or positive adult role models, these same children may end up perpetuating the same life and issues as they transition into their adult lives. These are the lives that Lowcountry Youth Services help change-but only with the financial support of people like you.

As it is with many organizations, demand outweighs resources. The power of your donation can make a difference in the life of a young person. Lowcountry South services is funded solely by organizations and individuals like yourself, who believe that the things we do for young people in the community are not only needed but also beneficial. Your pledge provides us with the funds to expand and reach more children throughout the charleston area. Your gift will assist with making the difference to increase the chances of success and defying the odds by achieving a high school or college diploma instead of a criminal record. We want to thank you in advance for considering donating to our program-- regardless of the donation size. Your contribution will continue to help us as we focus on the character, leadership, and social development of our children.

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If you prefer to not pay with a credit/debit card, feel free to mail us your contribution.

Please make checks payable to:
Lowcountry Youth Services
P.O. Box 62216,
North Charleston SC 29419

Thank you for considering the members of Lowcountry Youth Services programs to serve with your organization! We take pride in finding diverse, engaging, and effective opportunities for our young men and mentors to be involved in to help our mentees learn servant-leadership in the community. In order to make sure that we can properly facilitate what your organization will require from us, please click the link below to access our information request form. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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