From 2016-2022, we have reached and served 660 young girls and boys through our child-focused programs, community service activities, and advocacy workshops. Since our inception, many of our young people and their families have made tremendous progress. Here's what they're saying:

LYS gave my children and I hope. When we started the program I had no idea the impact that it would have on my family and I. I enrolled all three of my boys in the program and I'm beyond satisfied with the results that we've received. It gave my children a diverse brotherhood and opened them up to experiences that I would have never been able to provide. We met amazing men and woman who have grown to become family. Not only did it mold my boys into young men but it also made me a better woman!

Vanessa Curd
Mother of DGC Alumni Tremaine, TreVaughn Washington, and Bijuan Henderson

We realized that raising 2 sons in today's world was more than we could handle on our own. When we heard about The Distinguished Gentlemen's Club, we knew this would be a great opportunity to have some Positive Male Role Models for our sons and to have these Mentors come alongside us in giving our son's the guidance they need to have a bright future.

Becky and David Stinson
DGC Parents

I enrolled my son in DGC for him to meet people, build his self-esteem & his confidence. I also wanted my son to have male role models where he could learn how to grow and become a man of greatness in the future.

Joy Reese
DGC Parent

My son benefitted from the program, The distinguished gentlemen's club, from the age he was 12 until 18. He was surrounded by mentors who loved him, encouraged him, taught him, and who even helped discipline him as necessary.

Kenya Dunn
Mother of DGC Mentee

I enrolled my son so he can be around positive kids. Kids whose parents want a grounded village for their child to be a part of. I enrolled him so he can see what black male excellence can do.

Keli Kenlaw
DGC Parent

Lowcountry Youth Services is an incredible asset to the City of Hanahan through its work with youth services through their police department. We are fortunate that they have now expanded his reach through the Exchange Program by providing additional mentoring and support services to young males with involvement in the juvenile justice system in Berkeley County.

Kendra Wise
9th Judicial Circuit Assistant Solicitor/Berkeley County Juvenile Family Court

It’s a great pleasure the joy my son receives having a mentor he can talk to about anything and enjoys spending all day with. Without this group and the great mentor he has, all I can say is, I'm grateful. DGC was just what my son needed.

Renata Varner
DGC Parent

After joining the organization in 2017 and working within it for the year, I realized that my sons would also benefit from being a part of this brotherhood. The bonus is it gave me a chance to spend more time with them.

Dennis Green
DGC Mentor

I've changed so much, I'm able to change the way I see the world and how things could impact it along with my future.

TyQuize Wilson-Martin
YMR Mentee

When I brought him to the DGC two years ago, he didn't want to be there. After sitting through the orientation, his frown turned into a smile. I'm very grateful for the mentors and how they take the time out to develop boys to men. Kylon really enjoyed the trips, mother and son dance and other activities. He has gained self-confidence! I really appreciate DGC, when I first brought Kylon, he was struggling in school and wanted to quit when he turned 17. He will be 17, September 23 and now he wants to finish school. Thank you!!!

Lucille Moore
Mother of DGC Alum Kylon McKoy

Lowcountry Youth Services is a difference-maker because they use their talents and skills to not only directly serve an area of great importance but inspire others to do so as well.  Lowcountry Youth Services sees in young people what in many cases they do not see themselves; talent, skills, value, and an amazing hope and enthusiasm for their future.

Johnny Cribb
Berkeley County Supervisor

Since Joshua has been in DGC, we have seen a tremendous change in him. He thinks before acting. He takes pride in his grades and his appearance. His grades have gone from failing to As and Bs.

Bridget Shaw
DGC Parent

My son, ReZsaun Jr. has grown exponentially in his time with DGC. This organization has allowed his confidence to soar. He no longer stands in the crowd, but desires to take charge & his confidence in being a leader is more visible than ever. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming & a lot of that has to do with this organization, his mentors & his brotherhood. DGC makes sure that our children aren't just numbers or data. This organization really takes a vested interest in each child's life from the moment they enroll. That support ushers them into adulthood and beyond. I can't say enough amazing things about The Distinguished Gentlemen's Club. Every child truly does win!!

Latoya Lewis
LYS Board Member and Mother of DGC Member ReZsaun Lewis Jr.

DGC has helped my son with manners, helping maintain personal hygiene, starting to think about the future of what he wants to do, helped him learn time management skills & most importantly become the young man he is today.

Ashley Washington
DGC Parent

I learn something new every time I join virtual talk... I learn about thing that I should learn abut at my age and I also have amazing mentors whom I can talk to about things that I don't talk to other people about. Which is very helpful.

Isis Lewis
QB Mentee

My oldest son, Octavius, was already a member, so naturally Antonio joined when he became of age. Being a part of this group helped Antonio when he was sick with Crohn's Disease. The love & support he received from the mentors & his brothers helped to keep his spirits up. It was motivation for him to serve as President during his Senior year. He developed a confidence to serve that's carried into adulthood. I will always be grateful for the consistent support of the mentors of the DGC. Both of my sons are great men.

Lori Smith
Mother of DGC Alumni Antonio and Octavius Hayes

I used to be scared of people, and I had low self-confidence but now I feel better about myself and my confidence is higher than ever!!!

Cameron Gilbert
YMR Mentee

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