Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club

Distinguished Gentlemen

Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club is a group and 1-on-1 mentoring program that equips 3rd – 12th-grade young men to become confident, positive contributors to their environment. DGC guides our members away from disciplinary problems, school attendance issues, and potential drug use…by instilling self-confidence and goals in our young men. At DGC, we develop hearts set on achieving goals, minds equipped to excel academically, and a desire to unify our community through service to others.

Group Mentoring

DGC members meet with their mentors three times each month. Our mentors are responsible for providing a positive environment and example, and monitoring the growth of each club member. Parents are encouraged to be involved and stay connected with the program as we continue to provide support to their young men.



To apply to become a Candidate for membership in the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club, please Click Here.


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