The Exchange Program

Juvenile DetentionLowcountry Youth Services is proud to partner with the Berkeley County Juvenile Justice System and the Berkeley County School District to offer “The Exchange”…a positive alternative to juvenile detention. The Exchange is a 24-week, court-ordered Juvenile Delinquent Diversion and Prevention Program, that equips young men with the tools needed to reduce self-destructive behaviors. At The Exchange, we focus on teaching our program enrollees how to evaluate and modify the way they think…thus positively affecting the decisions they make. This is accomplished by using cognitive behavior intervention and intentional mentoring.

exchange program

On any given day in the United States, approximately 70,000 juvenile criminal offenders live in residential detention facilities with an average direct cost of $88,000, per juvenile, per year. Tens of thousands of juveniles are detained for the first time each year. This is often the beginning of a long-term pattern of poor decision making, which ultimately leads to contact with the criminal justice system, according to the U.S Department of Justice. 


Stats on juvenile incarceration:
  • 31% less likely to graduate high school
  • 39% are linked to violent crimes later in life
  • 41% are incarcerated as adults
“The Exchange” Program Goals
  • Reduce the recidivism rate among juveniles charged with a criminal/status offense.
  • Reduce the amount of students expelled or sent to the alternative school.
  • Reduce the dropout rate for at-risk youth through one-to-one mentoring.
“The Exchange” Program Requirements
  • Male juvenile ages 13-17
  • Currently on probation or expelled from home school
  • Referred from the Department of Juvenile Justice


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